Izaura clinches deal with fashion giant Macy’s

19th April 2017
Lullie Juice modeliling iZaura dress Source:Races Abdoola


By Vibe Reporter -

Local fashion designer, Mothusi Lesolle of Izaura creations is celebrating a major achievement. Over the past week news emerged that he has grabbed an exciting opportunity. The deal will see one of his latest creations being showcased by one of the popular international retail outlets namely Macy’s Metro Centre in Washington DC. Lesolle is one of two designers from the continent who were nit picked for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The other designer hails from Malawi.  For a month (April 14th- Mid May), fashion lovers and the world at large will get to view his creation dubbed Motlalepula (the rain bringer). Lesolle used a blue Leteisi print for the mermaid two-piece dress that was specially made for this occasion. The dress is inspired by a number of things.

Firstly, he explains that in Botswana, dresses made from Leteisi fabric in Botswana is worn to dignified events such as weddings, and parliament official opening. “It symbolises respect and for women it is a celebration of their feminity,” he notes the brief for the dress. Although Leteisi comes in different colours and prints, he opted to go with blue as a way of sharing the story of Botswana and the importance of water in the country.

“The flow of the dress at the bottom describes the flow of the few rivers we have in Botswana. The few that add colour to this desert called Botswana,” he notes in his brief.  “I chose the name Motlalepula for this dress because it will bring celebrations and happiness to both my country and I,” Lesolle says.

Speaking in an interview with Vibe, Lesolle explains that the opportunity is part of Macy’s celebrations of global fashion in the USA through the Passport to DC initiative. The retail giant reached out to different embassies and asked them to send pictures from their designers. The idea he says was that out of the submitted designs, only 15 will be picked from across the world.

He also says that when the Botswana Embassy in the USA reached out to him, he shared this life changing opportunity with other local designers. This is not the first time his work will be showcased in Washington DC, two years ago, he travelled to the city where he received rave reviews for his work. “This is a big opportunity for me. Macy’s is a big brand that stocks close to 200 brands in the store from all over. And everyone dreams of being part of the brand,” he says, adding that this could be a first for Southern Africa. He also says that he was excited with the groundbreaking opportunity that promises to open doors for his label.

Lesolle also points out that for Fashion Tourism, the dress will tell them a lot about Botswana. “This goes to show that everything is possible not only for me but for others as well,” he says. 

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