Selota and Lizibo to stage an electric show at Mascom Live Session

19th April 2017
Selaelo Selota


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

South African jazz living legend Selaelo Selota and local songbird, Lizibo are expected to headline the 36th offering of the Mascom Live Sessions event on April 28th at Botswana Craft.

The event will be the first Mascom Live Sessions spectacular for 2017, and music lovers are in for a treat.  Selota is described as a gentle man with a soothing sound. With albums such as Enchanted Gardens and Painted Faces, he has hits that include Ma Modiegi and Trr Phaa.

Lizibo is no stranger to local music lovers having serenaded with his addictive sound and catchy lyrics, at different events in recent years. The first Mascom Live Sessions event was held in 2011, and it featured the late Stampore, Kabo Leburu and Celtic Fusion.

Tickets are on sale for P250.

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