Abdulla wins (MSH) fashion mentorship mentee challenge

19th April 2017
Mentee Challenge Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

Tshepiso Abdulla was crowned the winner of the Masa Square Hotel fashion mentorship challenge. On Wednesday last week, Abdulla walked away with the title and a P1000.00 voucher from JB Sports. Lerang Keabile came second and she won a dinner voucher from (MSH). The event took place at the JB Sports store in Airport Junction.

The duo is part of the on-going (MSH) fashion mentorship challenge that has seen 12 mentees being paired with established and well-known faces in the fashion industry.

The challenge for the brief required the mentees to style an outfit under the vibrant theme of ‘Sakeng to Paris’ where they were required to infuse the quintessential Botswana aesthetics and timeless Parisian fashion combined.

A brief states that they were given free reign inside of a clothing store where they were to source their material.
The challenge required them to be done within three hours to coordinate their looks, and present it on a mannequin.

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