Tiyapo anticipated to enthral theatre lovers at the Maitisong Festival

16th March 2017
Tiyapo anticipated to enthral theatre lovers Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

In recent years, several talented young Batswana have taken their love for theatre to extraordinary heights.

Last year, theatre lovers were treated to a number of locally produced stage shows that were staged by the likes of Tefo Paya, the director and performer behind Morwa: The Rising Sun and Moduduetso Lecoge who chronicled the story about the many accolades and milestones that her grandmother, Dr G.K.T. Chiepe achieved in a one woman piece titled A woman of firsts.

We appreciate how these artists are pushing boundaries and telling their own stories. The latest actor to take to the stage with panache and artistic flair is Teto Mokaila who brings us an epic piece that tells the story of his grandfather, Gobe Matenge, one of the longest serving civil servants in Botswana’s history.

The one-man piece titled Tiyapo, is a riveting story that will definitely set the stage alight. On Thursday evening, a special preview was held for a few people, and already one can tell that this is one play that will showcase Mokaila’s versatility as an actor. Look out for the play at the upcoming Maitisong Festival.

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