Vee is the official brand ambassador for Orange

16th March 2017
Vee the official brand ambassador for Orange Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keikantse Lesemela - Reporter

Kwaito star, Odirile Sento, better known as Vee, entered into an official one year brand ambassadorship contract with Orange Botswana last week.

Vee will serve as a key face of the Orange Botswana brand going forward. He will be one of the key faces of the Orange Botswana brand and will support the launch of its new products and services through live engagements, broadcast, social and print campaign. This comes after he won an award at the Metro FM Music Awards (MMA), The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s biggest radio station, under the “One Africa Award” category.

It is envisioned that Vee, who is unarguably the most successful local musician and has increasingly won the hearts of Batswana, will help connect the Orange Botswana brand with Batswana. In turn through a number of reputed platforms and sponsorships, Vee’s own brand will continue to shine with support from Orange Botswana.

Orange Botswana CEO, Patrick Benon described Vee as a hardworking and talented musician, who is an inspirational, positive and bold influential figure and entertainer, who is highly respected around the country and internationally, both for his musical talent, and for the business savvy and expertise with which he manages his personal brand.

“These are precisely the qualities that led us to select him as Orange Botswana’s brand ambassador. Orange Botswana team is very excited to have Vee as part of the Orange family, and we look forward to bringing Vee closer to all Batswana. We are extremely happy about our future together and the things we will be able to achieve together as two brands that are fuelled with the utmost passion,” he said.

Benon said there is certainly a great deal of magic to come in their partnership, and Orange Botswana is 100 percent  behind Vee in all that he does. To kick-off the new relationship with Vee, Orange Botswana recently released a catchy jingle with the artist for the company’s launch of its TsenaKaCoin campaign. Orange Botswana’s actions to support music and local artists date as far back as 2008 as it worked with local musicians like Scar, Vee and DramaBoi to bring the attention of Batswana to their talents.

In 2016 Orange Botswana became the official sponsor of Orange Togetherness Celebrations (OTC), a music festival hosted in different locations throughout the country in honour of Bot50 celebrations. This event also promoted a wide range of local artists.

For his part, Vee highlighted that Orange has been a big supporter of his music and he knows that the partnership is the beginning of something grea t in his music carreer. “It’s exciting to be officially part of the Orange Botswana family. This is what we need in Botswana: two big brands joining forces to celebrate and raise the profile of local talent for Batswana, Africa and the rest of the world to enjoy. I look forward to seeing what magic we are going to create together,” he said.

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