Slizer ropes in three producers for her sixth album

16th March 2017
Slizer Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Naledi Kaisara, popularly known as Slizer, recently revealed to Vibe that she was in the studio working on her sixth album. She however declined to name the producer she is working with.

However, impeccable sources have revealed to VIBE that the self-acclaimed queen of house kwasa has roped in the services of three young and vibrant local producers to help her create a charts topping album. The three producers are James Mujuru popularly known as Zolasko in the music industry, Kudzi Kumakile and Mjoe of Mjoe records.

Zolasko has produced chart busting hits including Mlesho’s Hlomela which went on to be the song of the year during last year’s Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU). The young producer has worked with Franco, Wizards of the Desert, Captain Dira and Tyte.

Following a query from Vibe, Zolasko said that he worked with Slizer on her Bazooka album and also had the opportunity to work with the queen of house kwasa during her last collaboration with VEE Mampeezy on Ha re kopane.Zolasko also made a name for himself when he produced Franco’s two albums and Captain Dira’s Rraagwe Software together with Botswana’s once producer of repute Robert Dargie of former Dargie Digital studios.

He has also produced the hit track Malewa of Wizards and some works for Tyte in her sthibo product. On the other hand Kumakile is also not new to the music industry as he has worked with Charma Gal and the late Biza Mupulu. He has also played bass guitar for Franco and Afro Musica. When contacted, he confirmed to Vibe that he is working with Slizer. “As always, my work will stands out. I understand Slizer better because we have worked together for a long time,”he said. 

Mjoe disclosed that he has recorded a good number of artists who went on to make it in the music industry including BBlock who once scooped a YAMA award as well as Skokovia whose disco hit Chebukani is still making waves on local radio stations.

“Working as an underdog always brings the best out of me and I will definitely come up with a hit in Slizer’s album. My relocation from Francistown to Gaborone is a clear sign that I want to compete with the best and grow my brand,”he said.

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