Rhythm City star to help unearth local talent

13th March 2017
Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandoss Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

Every soapie has a villain viewers love to hate. For South Africa soapie Rhythm City, that character is hotel owner Grace’s son, Romeo.

This conniving character is portrayed by Hungani Ndlovu, who will visit Botswana from the 12th to the 15th April 2017. Ndlovu will be accompanied by actress, television presenter and casting director Stephanie Sandoss.

The two will be here for the Dream Alive Club and Sans Group workshop to be held at BNYC in Fairgrounds. According to Dreams Alive Club Programmes Coordinator, Tshepiso Maruping, the training session titled, Destined Exchange performers' workshop, is targeted at different members of the community who have an interest in the creative and performing arts. These include dancers actors, presenters and models. “The workshop is designed to catapult the skills and technique of those who will be taking place to the next level,” she said.

Maruping explained that they had selected the two South Africans as the facilitators of the workshop because they are part of a competitive industry but have managed to stay relevant and attain success at a young age. “We could have chosen our own people in Botswana but we realised that we needed people who came from the industry who had had more exposure and more experience so they would be able to impart their skills to the locals in the same industry,” she said.

The workshops will be divided according to different slots each taking two hours. From 8-10am, it will be the pre-teens fun and acting session. Presenting and modelling master class would start from 10:30-12:30, beginners and intermediate dance and acting session will be between 13:30 and 15:30 while the advanced and acting sessions will be 16:00-18:00. Tickets are selling for P150 each. For more information contact 72254867 or 73308977.

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