Motswana author helps youth discover innovation and entrepreneurship as a viable career choice

13th February 2017
Boi Kgathi Rasmussen Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

A Motswana author, Boi Kgathi Rasmussen who is based in the Netherlands recently released a book that seeks to help youth (high school and university) learn how to be innovative and become entrepreneurs through her step-by-step book.

Rasmussen, who is also the author of A Brighter Futures for Young Entrepreneurs, is targeting young people aged between 16 and 24, with a burning desire to rise up and be the wings that propel society into the 21st century through innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Since its release, readers of her book have expressed great enthusiasm and some have rated the book on Amazon with the following comments: “An excellent, well-written and concise book that is directed towards young entrepreneurs. My teenage sons enjoyed the practical advice! Well worth the price!”

“I bought this book for my teenage daughter, but I read it first. She is now reading it and bouncing ideas around - some of them scary – and I have to listen to all of them - eek! But good to see her engaged and scribbling away.

For me, being in the tech and start-up scene, I’ve come across a lot of Start-ups who can’t even answer simple questions like ‘who is your product developed for and what problem are you solving with your product’.

They spend lots of money building products and then are surprised when they can’t gain any traction in the market. I’d recommend for them to read this too and use it as a guide.

I’ve read lots of books on entrepreneurship and a lot of them are too technical. This one is simple and straightforward and I like that it uses an example throughout. It was a good refresher for me.”

The book is currently available on, Amazon Europe and will soon be available in South Africa. For updates of where to order the book for personal use, high schools and Universities, visit:

In addition to being an author, Boi is also CEO & Founder of Y-BECA Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation, Co-Founder of The SproutHub Marketing & Innovation Consulting Company, and Startup Coach at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

A press release explains that she is passionate about entrepreneurship and youth empowerment. “She believes that one way to help people sustain themselves economically is to empower them to create their own opportunities. That way, they can be less dependent on handouts,” says the release.

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