Makoriba troupe in Zimbabwe on a cultural exchange

23rd December 2016
Makoriba Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Makoriba are steadily climbing the music charts following their release of their first offering tittled ke tshwarwa ke Bogatsu.

The group, which is comprised of Maghebula’ former dancers, will head to for Bulawayo, Zimbabwe this weekend for a cultural exchange programme in which they have been invited to perform at this year’s Imbumba cultural festival between the 16th to 23nd December 2016. An invitation letter addressed to the group was drafted by Zimbabwean Arts pro- ductions, Siyaya Arts productions who are hosting this year’s Imbumba cultural festival under the theme, ‘Mix it up’.

Although the cultural exchange festival does not usually pay performing artists, Makoriba will be provided with transportation, accommodation and pin money during their four day stay in Matebele- land.

The festival will accord them the opportunity to rub shoulders with artists from Germany, USA, England, South Africa and Zambia.Imbumba festival is one of Bulawayo’s premier festivals with audiences of roughly about two thousand people attending dif- ferent events around the festival site, Stanley Square in Makokoba, for a week. The festival has attracted various groups from around the globe from as far as Europe, Asia and Africa.

Makoriba group leader Lesitamang Lota (30) told VIBE that it was an honour for the group to be invited to perform at an international event following the release of their first very album. He added that credit should go to their former boss, Maghebula, who taught the group professionalism and the nitty gritty tricks of succeeding in the music industry.

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