Second Kanyi Kozipa gig amplified

23rd December 2016
Kanyi Kozipa Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

The Kanyi kozipa annual music festival, which will be held at the Francistown old stadium on the 2nd January 2017, will offer revellers an unforgettable partying experience, according to its organiser Gregory Sekga.

Sekga told VIBE during an exclusive interview that the music festival is strictly meant to support Francistown and surrounding areas performing artist and DJs.“The show is powered by Events Life Company, who have been the main sponsors since the inception of the festival last year.We decided to be different from other music festivals by strictly engaging local artists who are rarely given the opportunity to show case their talent in other bigger events across the country..”

Sekga explained that the first edition of the festival was held at the Francistown club last year and the attendance surpassed their expectation.“This encouraged us to move the event to an open area and we settled on the old stadium,” he said. Sekga noted that the event would be divided to cater for the young and old.

“The daytime gig which will be a family fun day and the evening gig which will only be attended by elders until the wee hours of the morning,” he said. Sekga assured that there would be tight security including bodyguards for the artists and other VIPs. “When we started the event, we did not anticipate that the prominent in Francistown would be interested but they made a surprise appearance and this prompted us to introduce a VIP section this year; they will have their own special tent,” he said.

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