Absolut Summer Party ushers in festive season in grand style

12th December 2016
Absolut Summer Party Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

The festive season is finally here and there is a celebratory mood all round s people prepare for the holidays.

In keeping up with the momentum of the fun season, hundreds of revellers thronged Absolut at Masa Square Hotel this past Saturday for the Absolut Summer Days party, which was held from 2pm and went on until the wee hours of the next morning. The party was held in conjunction with Masa Square Hotel, Absolut brand local distributor, Benju and local mixologists, Liquid Library.

A press release from the organisers noted that the three-way partnership is expected to be part of a longstanding collaborative effort to continue showcasing the unique Botswana experience.

The attendees took the dress code to heart as the invitation had clearly stipulated that bikinis were a necessity. It was evident that both the ladies and the gents who attended had been busy working on their bodies during the winter season. They showed off their toned and healthy bodies in an array of outfits consisting of bikinis, sarongs, short skirts and pant as well as summer dresses. The gents wore shorts along with their open t-shirts, which showed off their muscles. Everywhere one looked, there were people laughing, deep in conversation and clearly enjoying themselves.

In the afternoon, DJ DJ Kuchi hit the decks, delivering some smooth and relaxing music. He had the revellers eating out of the palm of his hands as his hands as he worked his magic on the decks. Masa Square Hotel general manager Greg Soutter said that they wanted to reach out to their clientele and make a formidable mark. “As a business that is dedicated to redefining the hospitality industry of Botswana, strategic collaborations with internationally renowned and local major brands is quite important to us,” he said.

Soutter also said that they were exceptionally proud of Botswana’s heritage and looked forward to working with Benju to take Absolut Summer Days to greater heights, while in turn, raising Botswana’s social and entertainment profile. Soutter added that they are proud to show off Botswana’s beautiful scenery coupled with her unique premier hospitality service that has that special Botswana flavour, which cannot be experienced anywhere else on the globe.

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