Popular DJ Arch Junior to perform at 95ers Music Festival

12th December 2016
DJ Arch Junior Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keeletsang Dipheko -

Bracky-Squad Puppies Since 1995 will host the first ever 95ers Music Festival in Gaborone next week. DJ Arch Junior, the four-year-old winner of South Africa’s Got Talent 2015, who garnered popularity with his awe-inspiring skills on the decks, is expected to perform at the festival. 

One of the organisers, Itumeleng Bracky Mosomane from Bracky-Squad Puppies Since 1995 explains that the aim of the event is to bring together every person born in 1995 as they celebrates their 21st birthday this year. He says it is widely believed that when one turns 21 they are now an adult and are expected to become responsible and contribute to their community and society, which is why they saw it fit to celebrate this milestone from teenage hood to adulthood.

The festival will start at 3pm and end at 6 am the following morning. Local artists expected to headline the festival include Vee, Chef Gustos, Amanandos, Team Distant and Lady X. The music festival will also have other South African celebrities including Lungisa who won SA Idols 2015 and Moozlie, who is a presenter at music channel Channel O.

Bracky Clothing label have been reaching out to tertiary schools, carrying out radio interviews, hosting activation at malls and other places where the target group is most concentrated. Since Bracky clothing label sprouted to life, its successes are very much apparent.  The team is also the brains behind the annual festival dubbed O Motho Ka Batho Music Festival.

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