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12th December 2016
Maghebhula Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

He is not a new kid in the block but his sixth album, ‘Single mothers’ is selling like fat cakes in the two week since its release, something he is not shy to reveal.

Alfred Keorete, who goes by the stage name, Maghebula, is a 36 year-old man from Sefhare. He believes 2016 was his golden year as he got to grow musically. He saw his brand explode, thanks to his rich lyrics and his energetic performances. “It has been a good year for me and I remain grateful,” he said in a brief chat with Vibe at the Botswana Teachers’ Union cultural gala dinner held over the weekend.

Maghebhula became the highlight of the event because of his sexually indirect choice of words on stage. Almost all his songs oozed an element of sensuality, which constantly left attendants in stitches. His song, ‘Single mothers’ was perhaps the most decent as he was praising single mothers for a job well done in raising their children. “In my community, I realised that women go through a lot, especially those that were forced to raised their children by themselves. They sacrifice so much,” he said, revealing that he is from a nuclear family.

His next song was ‘Tshikhinyega,’ which got everyone up on their feet. Though it would appear like an innocent jubilee dance on the part of the audience, Maghebhula and his dancers showed a rather explicit side with their sexual moves and erotic body language. He would later decode it in an interview. “During moments of intimacy, men expect their partners to shake. You don’t just stand there like a wood,” he said with a laugh. The following songs such as ‘Ga go sa tlhole go ragwa ka lenao’ ’Setlhako se a lela’ also cracked ribs because of their sexual innuendo.

The artist would brag about himself in another song ‘Ke tenega ka bonako’ saying how good he is in bed. ‘...nna fa ke tenegile, ke kgonwa ke mosadi wame fela’ was  the stanza that got everyone laughing effortlessly.

Decoding the song in an interview, he pointed out that it is about a happy man who does not have erectile dysfunctions. Commenting on his sexual lyrics, he said it is an art that requires wisdom. “You don’t just sing about sex but rather use indirect sexual language. The wise and our elders will get your message,” he said.

Maghebula described himself as a versatile and talented artist who can do any genre.Perhaps a feel good song was the one called ‘Re a kolota’ which encourages people to be cheerful even when they have debts. Maghebhula’s take is that everyone, include the rich and famous, has mortgages and loans to pay. 

Maghebula said that he has decided to own his craft and takes care of his promotions and marketing himself. His inspiration is Ndingo Johwa because of his resilience in the music industry. Prophesying about himself, Maghebula said 2017 is going to be his year of opening doors.

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