Alpha King makes his mark in the hip-hop scene

12th December 2016
Alpha King Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

Inspiration comes from anywhere even from selling in a tuckshop. As strange as that may sound that is exactly what happened to Alpheus Odirile aka Alpha King, a young upcoming hip hop artist.

The content from his inaugural single was inspired by his experiences selling in his family’s tuck shop. The single, Tuckshop mas, has been playing on local radio stations but he is currently working on his album which is to be made ready for the public in due time. “One of the things which inspired me to get into the business of singing hip hop was the fact that I grew up listening to hip hop and was thus exposed to it from a tender age,” he says.

He feels that he is bringing something unique to the industry because his music is, ‘real.’ Through his music, he tackles issues head on and doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable subjects or painful realities.

The 21-year-old is prepared to pull up his sleeves and work hard to realise his dreams of making a mark in the hip hop industry. Alpha King points out that he recognises that the music industry is no child’s play but he is intent on working hard. To ride the waves of disappointment that come with following one’s passion and dreams, the hip hop artist listens to motivational music and has trained himself to only entertain positive thoughts.

Alpha King says that he is determined to share his talent with the world, come what may, asserting that he is not just another fly by night artist. He looks up to revered hip hop artist Thato Matlhabaphiri also known as S.C.A.R as well as Refiloe Phoolo who goes by the stage name of Caspper Nyovest.

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