Fashion Pop Up Market takes off to great start

12th December 2016
Pop Up Market organisers Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

With the world economy becoming unstable, more people struggling to find jobs and get by with what they make so it is becoming increasingly important for people to think outside the box for other ways to survive financially and complement their incomes.

Bojelo Marari, Kaone Paya, Nollie Ngwira and Becky Mpule have taken it upon themselves to come up with one way of assisting people especially women to eke a living a living, through their thrift and fashion pop up market. The first instalment was held at Peter’s place in Phase 4, Gaborone this past Saturday afternoon.

Aspirant and established entrepreneurs from different industries such as food and clothes were given a chance to pay for a stall and showcase their products to potential customers.

The four met through social media where their common interests; the love for fashion, women empowerment and entrepreneurship were the binding factors, which led to them meeting up and subsequently working on this idea. Paya is an accountant based in South Africa but her love of fashion led her to have an online vintage store.

She has her own pop ups in Pretoria where she resides and when comparing the markets from both Botswana and South Africa, she feels that Batswana have a long way to go especially when it comes to day events particularly those which don’t involve alcohol.

Fashion blogger, stylist and owner of NostalgiandCloth, Ngwira said of the thrift that it was a way of everyone getting everything at once in one place since people from different industries were taking part in it. “When it came to the clothes, I noticed that people were sometimes afraid and embarrassed to be seen buying from markets so the thrift gave them an opportunity to buy what they desired without fear of being seen. The pop up market was also a way of helping individuals network and make important contact for their businesses,” she said.

Marari, who is the owner of BeeJaey Fashions and BeeJaey make up as well as a fashion lover, has always been passionate about women empowerment and she felt this was an opportunity for ladies to show off what they have to offer. “The pop up market was an excellent chance for interaction amongst for those who wanted to sell their merchandise and also gain some meaningful contacts going forward.

It was about making money and networking,” she said. The organisers promised another pop up market in February after which it will be held monthly.

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