Dr Vom saves the day at Nata Cultural Day

18th May 2018
Crowd puller: Mr Tsaya Thobane Source:The Midweek Sun

Matsosangwao traditional group caused a lot of pain for Nata residents who had thronged Nata Senior Secondary school for their culture day when they pulled a no show. The event, which was graced by Kgosi Puso Gaborone and other important dignitaries, was held in a bid to raise funds for the official opening of the school slated for September 2018. The group was contracted together with other prominent cultural groups including Dr Vom, Bana Bana ba Ntogwa and many others who did not disappoint as they honoured the contractual obligations.

Event organiser, Tiro Semumu informed VIBE on the side-lines of the show that they had contracted Matsosangwao to headline the show only for the group to AWOL during the fully packed cultural day leaving a good number of revelers disappointed as they had expected to see the group live in Nata. “What was most disappointing is the fact that the group leader kept our hopes high by assuring us that they were on their way to Nata only for us to learn that the group had decided to go to Khawa instead. This on its own put us under pressure from those who had come in large numbers for the show,” he said. Despite the group’s absence, the Tsaya Thobane hit maker Dr Vom came to the rescue as his performance during the day and at night made revellers to forget about the absence of Matsosangwao whom they had expected to entertain them.

When Tsaya Thobane churned out from the massive sound system, revelers immediately went wild with excitement and joined the ever-energetic Dr Vom in song and dance.Another group which nearly disappointed was Bana Bana Ba Ntogwa who arrived at the show at around 9pm when they supposed to have graced the event during the day like many other groups from far flung areas such as Kasane. When the Ikalanga traditional group descended on the stage, it was electrifying as those who were furious at them forgot about their anger and joined the group in a wild dance until the show ended.

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