Special moms wined and dined in style

18th May 2018
Sweet moments: A mom enjoys a treat Source:The Midweek Sun

The big carnavous Mokolwane restaurant at the Grand Palm resort once more played host to the annual Mother’s Day activities. This year’s Mother’s day theme was “Mommy and me” and it saw mothers from all walks of life getting some of the best executive treats from the hotel staff. Grand Palm staff, who were dressed in powder blue and black gave mothers nothing but top care on a day solely created to celebrate them. Each guest was given a welcome drink at the entrance and led to the busy eating area of the restaurant, popular for its uniqueness in offering dishes ranging from authentic African to Asian cuisine. The mouthwatering dishes did not disappoint and most of the mothers pleaded for seconds of the yummy dishes.

While mothers enjoyed the fancy food items offered by the restaurant some of their children enjoyed the serene environment from the lawn outside while they gulp on their drinks. All the mothers in attendance were given bath salts as gifts. Pontsho Gower, the marketing and Public relations officer at Grand Palm says that the event was organised to reach out to all mothers. She noted that it is important for all women to be celebrated at all times because they carry many family burdens. “Mothers, step-mothers and even those that can not bear children, they all play a significant role in our lives as children,” he said. The activities of the day ended with a music session the duo of Trinity and Nono serenading to their music. Old women could not hide their joy as they sang and danced along to Nono’s well-known song Bo rre.

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