Motlha on the stardom rise

18th April 2018
His hit track MmaMotse blows over fans Source:The Midweek Sun

Motlha Mompe, who goes by the stage name Motlha, is fresh in the music circles but he already bears a stardom position, according to his fans.

His new banger single track MmaMotse is already receiving lots of airplay. The 24-year old artiste believes in hard work, and he says that believing in himself got him to be where he is now. Music lovers have also received the video to MmaMotse, dropped recently, warmly.

The video is currently playing with Btv, after it was first played on Flavour Dome and Pula Power. It is also playing internationally through online platform. Says Motlha: “The feedback is positive as everyone talks about it on Facebook.” The renowned and international videographer, Kyle White, who has worked with the likes of Kanye West and AKA, captured the video. The brilliant video proudly narrates the Setswana traditional dance rhythms in style, and the way it is contented makes one to linger for more.

In an interview with Vibe, the Afro Jazz and R&B singer states that he adores his mother language, Setswana, which inspires him to express himself musically. He also shares that he has an upcoming 10-tracked album, which would be released next month. “The album is a full package. It has been published by Open Mic Productions, one of the biggest record labels in South Africa.

The album features several artists from South Africa including Soul Kulture, Zanda Zakuda and Master Kg,” he says. Motlha believes in collaborations and he says that they keep artistes together and also make them to strive to do better. He says that he has a song with the acclaimed ATI. He actually stunned the audience at the Maun Rocks event recently when he performed alongside the legendary rapper. He is also a songwriter and says that he often writes a song based on what is happening around the society.

His upcoming album like the famous MmaMotse was also recorded at Roc Lefatshe Records by Suffocate. The energetic Motlha says that he would like to have a hand in taking the Botswana music industry to the next level despite the fact that he is just a newbie to the industry. “I am all about passion and perfection. I believe in my talent and I am confident that it will take me places,” he says. Motlha will take Pretoria by storm soon where he is lined up for a performance.

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