SA rapper Mopedy inspired by Culture Spears

18th April 2018
Mopedy Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

South African rapper Mopedy, who hails from Makotopong, Limpopo province, has released a hip-hop album titled Peu, which features a smashing hip-hop track called Kulenyane 2.0.

He says that the latter song was influenced by Botswana international and acclaimed group of Culture Spears. Apart from being a musician the versatile rapper informed VIBE in a telephonic interview that he is also an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and the founder of a non-profit company called Help Us Dress a Baby, which helps dress underprivileged babies between the ages of birth to five years old.

The rapper’s lyrics are mostly in Sepedi language, which is easily understood in Botswana and the rapper has disclosed that he is using his music as a tool to make African languages fashionable, Sepedi in particular. Listening to songs by Culture Spears according to the rapper has upped his game of hip-hop since the group is an acclaimed ensemble who writes songs in very rich Setswana. “I have in my album a song that was inspired by Botswana music group Culture Spears with their song Kulenyane, and the song is called Kulenyane 2.0 which is a nice turn up hip hop version.

I did the song to honour and celebrate the rich culture of the people of Botswana. I haven't been able to reach Culture Spear to hear their take on the song yet but I’m doing all I can to get in touch with them. Hopefully I will end up in studio with the group or Charma Gal in the near future,” he said. Meanwhile, the front man for Culture Spears Kabelo Mogwe revealed that as a group they do not have any problems with other artistes from other genres who would love to use their songs as long as they is a mutual agreement between the two groups. He pointed out that it would not be the first time for a South African artiste to use their song Kulenyane since it was once recorded in a House version by the late Bujo Mojo as well as Gospel king pin Solly Moholo.

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