Motlhala to premier at Maitisong amidst fanfare

16th April 2018
Motlhala Source:The Midweek Sun



Kealeboga Mosekiemang, the producer and stage manager promises nothing but a night of glitz over the show to be showcased at Maitisong Festival next week. Mosekiemang emphasises that they have gladly put together their graceful work with Neo Kebiditswe, who has written and directed the work as a business partner of Cherryapple. They bring an informative play dubbed ‘Motlhala’ which is an original African story about self-discovery, love and tragedy. The play is set in the fictional village of Maru, on the outskirts of Zimbabwe, where the norm is broken and tradition is compromised. The main character of the play, Tendai managed to fulfil his desire to master his own destiny, although his new life is a train wreck from Harare to Gaborone. Mosekiemang explains that Tendai is played by Thompson Gudo and it is centralised on showing the talent of Africa within the film and play industry. Passinonate and vigorous actors from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana who will bring the riveting story to life on stage perform Motlhala. The show will kick-start at 7.30pm on April 18th and the tickets are already on sale at Maitisong Theatre.

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