Manyati drops debut single, Tshwarelo

16th April 2018
Mnanyathi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

Onkokame Joyce Manyati Santagane, who goes by the stage name Mnanyathi, has dropped her debut single Tshwarelo. The eight-song album, produced by Tshepo Lesole at High Note Studios, will be released end of August. In an interview with Vibe, Manyati explains that Tshwarelo speaks about repentance. “I am asking God to forgive me for all the wrong things that I have done that are not correct in His eyes. I also vow to worship and serve God for the rest of my life,” she says. The upbeat singer shares that her single was inspired by her own personal journey as she had gone through ups and downs, as well as her turning over a new leaf.

“There were times when I made wrong decisions but luckily I saw the folly of my actions. I had to talk to God and also acknowledge the wrongs that I had done – knowingly and unknowingly,” she says. Manyati, who worships at Humble Before Christ International Church, said her music career was chiselled in church where she has been part praise and worship group. However, she knew that she had talent when she was young and fortunately was spotted by certain God sent individuals who helped her nurture her talent. “I discovered music talent in 1993 while doing standard 7. I was taking part in prize giving play and when I belted out in tune my voice was strong. In form two, I joined Scripture Union and sang there.

I was later discovered by one of my teachers Moemedi Bakhuruta, who coached drama at Itireleng JSS where I schooled. He was impressed and invited me to join a drama production. He told me that I am a good singer and made me join the then popular Bopaganang Music Group. Continued singing. I also represented the country at the SADC festival in Mozambique in 1997.” In 2010, the fired up Manyati joined My Star with the hope of launching her music career but she only made it to Top 11. This however did not deter her. “I sang jazz music at bars and clubs,” she says.

She however got entangled in that lifestyle and was led astray as she started drinking alcohol and doing other unsavoury activities. “One day one of my mentors Ishamael Otlaadisa took me aside and suggested that I change my life path. He told me that things were not going well for me because I was doing things the wrong way: he encouraged me to give my life to God,” she says. She took this advice and started going to church. Otlaadisa then encouraged her to inject seriousness into her music career. “He came back to me and said: ‘We need to release your single; it is time you bless others.’ This gave me the motivation to use my talent to touch lives,” she says.

Although she is a newbie to the gospel music industry, Manyati notes that she has observed that the genre is not fully appreciated but gospel artistes must take themselves and their craft seriously. “Gospel music is ministry. Artistes should let go of worldly things. As a gospel artiste you must be exemplary to the public – people must see that you lead a Christian life.”

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