New Segaba album to sell Botswana internationally

06th April 2018
UNIQUE:Tex release eight-track tswana folklor Source:The Midweek Sun

Anything he produces turns into gold, and this time he has produced the first- ever Segaba album after such a long time in Setswana traditional music. Producer, Founder and Owner of Kalakuta Records, Tex Ramogobya is a history maker when it comes to producing perfection and prides himself in the just released album; ‘Individual Brilliance’ by Sua Pan. The eight-track album comes as a unique deep Tswana folklore type with Segaba and flare of other indigenous instruments. Tex says that the album aims at reviving Setswana traditional music, particularly through segaba because it is usually heard only on RB1 programmes than in music produced at home. 

He considers Individual Brilliance as a pace setter album expected to go higher than the likes of Tinto and Kulenyane to mention a few. It was even drafted in the president’s inauguration programme to resemble the Setswana culture on the day. The album is already selling at Ko at the Main Mall and will be distributed to some market stores soon. With his experience as a producer since 2007 and also the owner of Ko Setlhareng, Tex says that music sales have dropped since people now use online stores to buy music while other people share songs on social music. However, he says there are still people who buy music loyally, who they honour because they motivate local talent. He is confident that this brand new Segaba album will sell Botswana internationally.

Tex is also the producer of the evergreen Tsaya Thobane by Dr Vom vs Diparo, Baloi Group, Matsosangwao Arts Troupe and Sebodu ke nnenekwane to mention a few. They also recorded the first Botswana Polka album called MatsutsuruPolka band of the famous song,‘Banta Jesi’. Individual Brilliance features Kgokgonono, Tsankana of Matsieng, Mathaithai who plays Segaba, Luna and Kearoma Rantao. It was recorded at HeartBeat Sounds by Prez Beats and Tex, while mixed by Bangu Matenge and Berry Bone. They also worked with Molopita Music+.

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