Theatrical concert to light up Maitisong Festival

06th April 2018
Tebogo Gaetsew Source:The Midweek Sun

The upcoming ‘It’s all in the Rehearsal’ theatrical concert, according to Deebie, is an engaging, enlightening and a fun-filled entertainment session that artistes can learn from.  Tebogo Gaetsewe tells Vibe that she will present a theatrical concert as part of Maitisong Festival. The neo soul artiste says a lot of people have got no idea what effort goes into making a successful musical show. “This is a chance through this theatrical concert to see what goes on during preparations for a show, in terms of the money, work and the magic. A glimpse into all the blood and sweat and tears that artistes go through to give the audience their money’s worth,” she explains. She promises nothing but a night of elegance. She is a determined neo soul artiste. “I love the fact that neo soul is a combination of soul, contemporary R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop which means it does not limit me,” she smiles. She would be performing a mixture of self-motivating covers and original songs, accompanied by other various special artistes including music ad keyboard director; Lamech Nwako. The theme of the night is drawn from her experiences on a personal level and from the arts spectrum particularly moving from self-doubt to upliftment. The event will take place on Tuesday, April 17th.

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