Ecstasy Roots Band’s album, ‘Zambezi’ finally out

06th April 2018
Ecstasy Roots Band’s album Source:The Midweek Sun

 Afrocentric Jazz group Ecstasy Roots Band is preparing to officially launch their long anticipated album; ‘Zambezi’. Band member Siyabonga Ophias promises that the new album is perfectly placed just like any of their previous work. He tells Vibe at the moment they are engaged in launch shows to prepare for the major launch to take place soon at Thapong Visual Arts.

“We want to give our fans a performance of prestige and make them realise the amount of talent there is in Botswana in the entertainment section. We are currently doing launch shows to boost the event. We recently performed in Mafikeng and Zimbabwe,” he said.    He said they cannot wait to give a mind-blowing experience and a great performance that is thrilling throughout the show.

The group was established in 2015 to help the music industry specialise in Afro-fusion jazz and smooth jazz. The band has had interactions and sessions with inspirational artistes like Bookie Dewitt (France), Toddle Wayne and Sam Mtukudzi to mention a few. Their slogan is that; ‘where there is music, there is life’ and they boast that Zambezi album will richly stun the audience with their captivating energy on the day of the launch.

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