Mabua’s 3rd album released

21st February 2018
Promises its the best album done amongst his previous offerings Source:The Midweek Sun


By Letty Masunga - Reporter

Trevor Mabua needs no introduction in the local jazz industry. He is the reclusive kind that tells life stories through his lyrics, a not so common attribute, very rare as he adds an enormous touch of desirable humour to his songs.

In an interview with Vibe, Mabua shared that his musical journey began through a strike of fate. “I knew a band, and at the time when I came to play, it was just a band without a leader or vocalist. And that’s how I began my music excursion, I was led to stage and that’s how it all unfolded.” His latest offering, tagged “Go goleng gaka’ is an album that consists of five songs all of which tell different yet peculiar stories of life and chronicles known to human beings.

“I draw inspiration from the very things that happen in our lives, from passion killings, to family feuds, to extra marital affairs and the more sedated songs of love and encouragement,” he says. Mabua who is also an Art teacher at Gaborone West Junior Secondary said that he is confident that this album is the best amongst the two he has already released; Jwala Jo and Abubi.

The album was recorded at Hall of Fame studios, with all the songs written by Mabua except ‘O jola le mang and Moratiwa. “Mabua said he has previously shared stage with some of the popular local artists such as Lister Boleseng, Banjo Mosele, Sereetsi and The Natives together with Fresh Less. His album can be found at Streethorn at Molapo Crossing and Botswana Craft.

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