Matubako single cautions against irresponsible behaviour

21st February 2018
MOTIVATIONAL: Tshepo encourages positive change Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

 A new single titled ‘Matubako’ by Tshepo Maswailathuto Digwaamaje will soon hit the local airwaves.

In a brief interview with Vibe, Maswailathuto said it is his love for traditional dance that compelled him to record the song. The Kanye-born first joined traditional dance club in 1995 at primary school, and fell in love with it.

He has never looked back since. Matubako gives a picture of a father-to –son conversation where the former is rebuking the latter for his risky womanising ways. The father is angry that his son Matubako is irresponsible.

He left him saying he was going to work for a road construction company. Sooner than later he is receiving complaints that he fathers children in every village where they stop for work. He is not amused that even though government gives condoms for free, Matubako continues to impregnate women and girls.

He also warns him against contracting HIV. “I’m passionate about traditional music and I’m happy to see it grow at a fast rate in Botswana,” said Maswailathuto. Meanwhile, he recently performed the song at Mokaragana, leaving the audience asking for more. He will be in Lotlhakane this Saturday, performing with other artists at Back-to-School show.

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