Lizibo serenades with Show them off

14th February 2018
LIZIBO Source:The Midweek Sun

The month of love, February, seems to be very dear to the heart local Afro pop singer Lizibo. This is evident with the just released remix single dubbed Show them off, Masunga born Lizibo has been launching his music lately only in February after releasing the popular album Malebeswa in February last year. In an interview with Vibe, Lizibo described the single as a spice that adds undeniable aroma to his hot sizzling album Malebeswa. In the song, Lizibo says that he is truly blessed to enjoy the love he gets from his lover.

The song that is about the importance of love and affection is chanted in a modern Niger like style. Lizibo noted that it is always a beautiful and exciting feeling to be bragged about by your lover. “Fa ole motho o tshwanetse wa ikgantsha ka motho wa gago (It is important to be proud of your significant other and show them off),” he said. Lizibo further said that the single tries to depict that relationships can still get stronger even when they are in the public domain. “It is the month of love so we must allow relationships to flourish, the people must brag about their lovers because a healthy relationship is lovely to be engaged in,” he said.

Lizibo stated that Show them off, which was recorded at Key Note studios in Gaborone, is also a thank you gift to Batswana. “Since the release of Malebeswa I have been receiving unwavering support from across all corners of the country,” he said. Show them off can be downloaded through Amazon and ITunes.


Kalanga prince dazzles audience at wedding expo 

The Kalanga Prince as crooner Lizibo is also known, had the audience eating off the palm of his hand at the Grand Palm annual wedding expo fashion show held this past weekend. His performance was exceptional and befitting for the event, as he was also dressed for the occasion, clad in a maroon blazer with black jeans and maroon stylish shoes. His dance moves all stunned people as they cheered him in appreciation. Lizibo highlighted that love is a beautiful thing and therefore encouraged people to always be kind towards one another, especially on this month of love. He also highlighted that people should learn to embrace all the artistes while they are still alive, saying that it is common that most artistes are recognised when they are no more. He set off the record and performed Kgotla’s Matshidiso in an amazing way. He said that the man’s music is inspirational and he is one of the few that he respects. “Matshidiso is one of the good songs that played back in the days and everybody liked it, so I a performed it to honour Kgotla for this good job,” he said, reiterating that it is pleasant to recognise good work while still in life. Lizibo, who always adds a twist of humour to his performances, and this occasion, was no different. He had everyone in the audience in stitches when he joked that he wishes to marry a taller woman, in order to ‘balance the ratio length’ of their kids. He said this as a man who played uncle, and selected a tall woman for him as they acted the part on the stage joined him. Lizibo, who has become to be known as a fashionista, closed his set dressed in a white outfit complete with snazzy white shoes.


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