ATI wins big at lit YAMAs

13th February 2018
ATI Source:The Midweek Sun

 The 4th annual Yarona Music Awards (YAMAs) held at GICC this past weekend were a glitzy and lit affair. It was packed to the rafters and revelers arrived dressed to the nines. In a brief welcome address, Yarona FM station manager Kelly Ramputswa noted that the awards were meant to celebrate and encourage home-grown talent. She said they recognised the immense talent in Botswana and remained committed to helping to nurture and cultivate it. “Our music has grown in leaps and bounds and our station continues to give local artists the platform to showcase their talent.

We are impressed with the level of talent the country has,” she said in part. The whole production was well coordinated: from the lighting, sound to background music. There was a red door on stage with an ‘18’ sign that represents the number of years the radio station has been in existence. The hosts for the evening, Yarona FM presenters, Bonnie P and Ross held down their own. The pretty and gregarious Ross that plump and sexy can go together, rocking a leather ensemble with a midriff baring crop top and see-through skirt.

HanC was a usual ball of energy when he performed Se ileng. Jujuboy also gave a bewitching performance that had revelers eating from the palm of his hand. Kwaito duo T.H.A.B.O and Mapetla gave an upbeat act that had fans bopping along. Speaking in an interview on the sidelines, Mapetla said he was working on a new offering. T.H.A.B.O hinted that he would possibly “retire” soon. “I am working on a few collaborations and will be dropping a new album later this year but I get the feeling that this would be my last album,” he said, adding that he wanted to focus on radio, business and spending more time with loved ones. Amantle Brown, who appeared mellow, and was dressed in a stunning red and blue frock, performed her latest single, Sa Pelo. Her beautiful rich voice reverberated across the hall; like fine wine, she gets better with time.

Motswako rapper HHP performed his new single ‘Ke a jelwa’ and got revellers excited with his energetic dance moves. Khuli Chana took the mood a notch up when he bounced onto the stage dressed in a yellow tracksuit. ‘Tswa daa’ really got his fans on their feet. But it was Bouncy who stole the limelight when she took to the stage to perform her latest single, serope mperekela. She twirled, twerked and gyrated on stage, dressed in a top and g-string ensemble. Her sexy body did justice to the outfit as she pranced about seductively.

Her buttocks were on full display and revelers in the crowd gasped and cheered when she flashed and wiggled them. ATI, who was the biggest winner at the awards, closed the night with the performance of Khiring khorong, together with Yung Amazing and Legacy DG, and almost everyone stood up to dance and sing along. The evening ended with an electric after-party held in the hallway where everyone mingled, took pictures and danced the night away.

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