DJ Phazz drops impressive 12-track album

13th February 2018
impressive 12-track album Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

addresses social ills in society and encourages introspection and peace. He has been in the music industry for 15 years and has amassed experience that gives him a unique edge. In an interview with Vibe, he explains that he dedicated this album to address youth on behavioural change. “I want them to scrutinise on issues like love matters and hence my music is house music genre, so I am convinced that the message will reach out to them through this genre that they appreciate as young people,” he says. He points out that the album however also targets older people and preaches the importance of embracing peace within families and the nation at large.

DJ Phazz reiterates that women must be loved and be appreciated because they have been undermined and abused by some men. “Women play a bigger role in the society and so we should embrace them,” he says. He further says that locals should also tolerate one another despite differences such as religious beliefs and background. “I believe that respects helps build a nation,” he adds. His latest offering features hit songs such as Another love, Sheleng, Sunga, Rele Nosi and Mama Afrika. The album comprises of 12 songs, which are all informative with good rhythm. He has featured a variety of local artistes such as the popular Setswana Hip hop rapper HT, Alfredo Moss, DJ Bino, Nico, Bablo T, Zolasko, Lucia and Da MadT. DJ Phazz describes himself as a creative artiste who wishes to take house music to the next level in Botswana.

“I can be described in many ways; aggressive, innovative and creative not forgetting the flowing mixes that seamlessly blend one track into the next, adding stunts in between. I have the ability to take control of the dance floor and to energize the crowd that is on it,” he says. The passionate DJ says that he has loved music from a tender age as he grew up listening to kwaito and house music then started spinning the decks in 1999. DJ Phazz says he was particularly inspired and influenced by the music of legendary DJs Skizo and Fresh.

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