Mavilos takes his solo career to new heights

13th February 2018
Mavilos Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

For a few years he was the one half of the popular group Matshikos but Mavilos has now stepped out to pursue a solo career. He insists that he has always wanted to work solo but stepped into Matshikos for a while to fill in for someone. The experience and exposure proved valuable. “I always knew that I would go solo eventually. Dan Tshanda, who I worked with, was quite supportive when I told him that I would go at it alone in 2011,” he says.

Mavilos makes Afro house. “I wanted to create a sound that is unique to Africa,” he says. Mavilos, who is a producer, composer and songwriter, has six albums under his belt and he is not slowing down. He will drop another full album in April, he says. While his towering frame can be intimidating at first meeting, Mavilos is something of a gentle giant. He is tall and well-built but has a soothing smile and easy laugh.

He could pass off a bouncer and it is hardly surprising that he played the role of Ndozi, a bodyguard to Ngwenya (portrayed by legendary actor Menzi Ngubane) in the popular South African soapie Isibaya. But music is his first love, the Pedi gentleman insists. His latest single O mo tsere kae is a love jam that talks about the beauty of a woman who is adored. “She is beautiful inside and out. She turns heads wherever she goes and so people ask her man, where he got her from,” he says. The video is already on You Tube and would also premier on Btv soon.

Mavilos says that he could not ignore his footprints in Botswana. He spent a lot of time here touring with Matshikos and fell in love with the country. He has friends here and sees the country as his second home. He also appreciates how locals love music and support quality. “I am open to landing gigs and working with Batswana. The people here are welcoming and amazing,” he says. He has already been interviewed on DJ Sly’s show.

“The reception is amazing. I can feel the love and support,” he says. With a chuckle, he adds that some fans in Botswana recognise him from Isibaya. “Some of them get excited and ask for pictures and hugs, it is all heartwarming,” he says. Mavilos’ music is available on iTunes and Apple store.

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