Cooking the best with your microwave oven

29th January 2018

A microwave is a boon to busy cooks. Dishes can be cooked ahead, frozen and reheated on the day. It is ideal to make sauces in the last minute and heating snacks, desserts, coffee and so on. Like most appliances, the microwave oven is not suitable for cooking certain foods but it’s perfectly acceptable to complete the cooking of a particular dish in a conventional or convection oven. Remember, the more food placed in a microwave oven, the longer the cooking will take. It is wiser to cook in smaller quantities and to keep food warm on a warming tray than to cook large quantities all at once. Always make use of the standing time given in recipes as this allows the food to finish cooking, meanwhile other foods can be cooked, or reheated during this time so that everything can be ready to be served at the same time.


*½ a loaf *100ml oil

*One clove garlic crushed

*200g mozzarella cheese

*125ml fresh cream

*Black pepper

*Four anchovy fillets mashed

*15ml chopped capers



Slice the bread, cutting slices in half if they are large. Combine oil and garlic and lightly brush. both sides of each slice of bread.

In a shallow serving dish, arrange slices of bread and cheese alternately.

Overlap about ¾ up onto each previous slice.

Microwave cream on 100% for a minute, add black pepper and anchovy fillets.

Pour over bread, sprinkle with capers.

Cover and microwave on 50% for 4 minutes. Remove the cover and place under a preheated grill for about 5 minutes until the edges are browning and the cheese bubbly.

Serve immediately!!!


On this dish, cooking time will vary depending on the make of the microwave being used but it will be approximately 10 minutes. Best served warm as starter!!

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