DJ Darkboy Masey takes house music industry by storm

17th January 2018
DJ Darkboy Masey's latest single, Konakele features Mzansi songstress Mpumi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

It is a sweltering weekday morning when I meet Masego Ntshontsi, popularly known as DJ DarkBoy Masey for an interview. He is currently making waves in the house music industry but there is none of the pomp one would expect of a local artist making it big in neighbouring South Africa. He arrives alone, dressed in simple jeans, plain T-shirt and sneakers. The only sign of lavishness is the expensive-looking Gucci watch on his wrist. He is punctual, and waits patiently while I finish my morning cuppa. He comes across as shy and reserved. To break the ice, I ask if it is true that he had a fling with Zodwa waBantu as a certain gossip page reported. He laughs and exclaims: “Oh no, that was not true. Zodwa and I are worlds apart: our personalities are different, we wouldn’t click.

The whole thing was blown out of proportion.” He breaks into a grin when we talk music and he chats animatedly about his journey in the music industry. His latest single, Konakele featuring Mzansi songstress Mpumi of Yawe fame, is on high rotation on radio and television. The music video has already premiered on Botswana television as well as on South African television shows, Live Amp and Etv’s Club 808. The duo also performed live on a show called Crazy World on Etv. Konakele is a follow-up single to the Mr Blesser, which he released last year featuring Mckenzie.

Darkboy Masey recently relocated to Johannesburg and he points out that his move to SA is about business because the music industry there is bigger. “South Africans take their craft seriously and the music industry there is fast paced compared to here. I am confident that I will do well,” he says. He and his team, that includes his manager, Zayne Aftermath felt that the move would catapult him to higher ground.

He admits that he has not been approached by a big record label but points out that he would scrutinise any opportunity that comes his way. Darkboy Masey emphasises that he will still work with local artists. He however laments that there is no unity among local artistes, which stagnates growth. “Some of our artistes don’t believe in working together.

They put ego and pride first, which affects their work. Collaborations have the power to help one grow their career: because you learn, exchange ideas and get recognition. Collaborations are good.” He plans to go global and is confident that he has what it takes to be counted among the best house DJs from Africa. His journey in music started several years ago when he worked with the likes of Amantle Brown on the song Maria Pela and Mel D on Wenzwabe. He also worked with an artiste called Abbie on a track called Change my lingo.

His breakthrough came when he was playlisted on Big Brother Africa Hotshots in 2012. It gave him recognition and motivated him to work harder. He also secured an interview on a big radio station in Nigeria, Vibez FM. “From there I started making solid connections that helped me break into the SA music industry,” he recalls. A chance meeting with DJ Malwela of Metro FM led to him working DJ Cyndo and eventually through their manager Lucyman, he worked with Trademark and Zinhle on the song Yilo. “Working with them raised my profile. Some DJs started remixing our songs and they would play on radio.” This past festive season, Darkboy Masey performed at Zeerust beach festival, Babina tholo family fun day, Clap your hands and had a gig in Kalamare. He played in Hamanskraal and featured at Rama City in Pretoria. He also toured Durban. “The reception was great,” he says.

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