ATI aims to invest in his own businesses

17th January 2018
ATI Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Last year’s BOMU music awards biggest winner ATI has revealed to VIBE that 2018 will be an even bigger year for him as he will concentrate on branding himself by spreading his wings. He shared that one of his plans is to sell and distribute branded pens, pencils and school bags. He pointed out that many students look at him as a role model hence the idea to create products bearing his brand.

“A lot of people believe that I have made a lot of money from shows last year but they are mistaken as I invest most of the money I am paid in my stage acts. For me to have landed on a crane during the Davido show was as a result of money I have pumped in the whole stage act. When I get paid I use a large portion to improve my craft,” he said.

He added that he is currently working on a music video. Although he has clinched an enticing deal as an brand ambassador for Botswana Telecommunication Corporation, ATI said he is not that much excited by this as his main aim is to grow his own business. “I want my brand to be in the likes of Choppies stores which was started from humble beginnings until it spread its wings around the country and across Africa. Once I have made my business foot marks so far as my music and branding is concerned I will then relax and enjoy the fruits of my hard labour,” he said.

ATI further said that upcoming local artists should not despair but wait for their breakthrough in the industry with patience and optimism. ATI revealed that several years ago he was dissed at My African Dream competition as the judges believed that he was not a capable singer only for him to prove them otherwise. “Upcoming artists must learn not to get embarrassed easily. Following my dismal failure, I made it a point to work hard in order to have a sweet revenge over those who doubted my abilities.” Last year, ATI was nominated in six awards categories being Best Hip Hop, Best single, Best male artist, Album of the year, Best song of the year and best collaboration and won all of them.

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