17th January 2018
Homemade mayonnaise Source:The Midweek Sun


Homemade mayonnaise is not only delicious in its own right, for serving, hard boiled eggs, fish, warm vegetables, and chicken, it also provides an admirable vehicle using chopped fresh herbs and garlic. It can be mixed with natural yoghurt or fresh cream to make a variety of different tempting sauces. You must not use extra virgin oil for making mayonnaise for it will be rich, heavy and cloying. I personally prefer to use a light olive oil: pale, fairly thin and almost lacking in flavor. You can also try a mixture of a good but not the very best [olive oil and light sunflower or nut oil. If desired, a couple spoonfuls of extra virgin oil may be added at the end, for added flavour.


*300ml light olive oil or olive oil and sunflower oil mixed in equal parts

*2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

*2 tablespoons lemon juice

*2 tablespoons extra virgin oil [optional]


Place a large heavy bowl with a firm base on a damp piece of cloth on a wooden surface so it will not slip. Have the oil [s] in a jug, and the vinegar and lemon juice to hand. Place the egg yolks in a bowl, add the salt and beat for a little with a wooden spoon. Now using an electric hand beater, or a balloon whisk, start to add the oil very slowly indeed, almost literally drop by drop to begin with, and beat without cease until an emulsion is formed. Continue to add the oil slowly, beating constantly until about half has been used then you may start to add it more quickly in a thin stream, stopping every now and then until it has been absorbed. If the mixture becomes too thick, thin it with half the vinegar or lemon juice. When all the oil has been used and lemon juice, add the remaining vinegar and lemon juice, also slowly then taste, adding the extra virgin oil if desired!!!



  • The mayonnaise may be stored in the refrigerator, covered with foil for 3 days and this can make 4 to 6 serving which is about 325ml.


* If making mayonnaise for the first time, it may be helpful to use a large spoon, holding only a little oil at the very beginning of the process, letting the oil drip at the end of the spoon into the egg yo


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