Chepete gives fashion a refreshing twist

22nd November 2017
LOVELY: The student fashion designer proves her mettle. Source:The Midweek Sun

Her journey to becoming a fashion designer is inspirational and she surely does elegant outfits that would perfectly fit in the 21st century wardrobe. Mpho Chepete says her back then low self-esteem gave birth to her career as a fashion designer. “I used to have very low self-esteem but suddenly chose to hide behind what I wear and God gave me the strength to accept myself as something changed in me. I started to explore another side of me that is the creativity element. I started exploring with clothes and changed my look by designing my own outfits. I felt good and just content so I developed a high self-esteem and took designing as my first love,” she says.

Chepete is currently enrolled for a Degree in Fashion and Apparel Design at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and graduates next year. The vibrant young designer has a preference for the classy look style. She explains that she comes up with designs after taking into account her client’s body type and age. “Every lady has a classy side of her and in order to achieve he best outfit this should really be considered. So far I receive a very positive feedback for that and again I still aim to do even better because I believe there is always a room for improvement in every aspect of life,” she says. She further says that locally Delayna Scott, and internationally Victoria Beckham inspire her. She is of the view that it takes determination and the right attitude to make beautiful designs and she aspires to one day have her own shops across the country.

“I wish to bring international standards of fashion to Batswana. I want to own shops everywhere and see my shops next to acclaimed department stores. I have worked with Botswana fashion gurus like Kushatha who taught me the ropes. I am determined to succeed,” she says. Chepete was one of the fashion designers who showcased at the legendary Masa Square Fashion show last month. She is currently working on new-sophisticated designs for the festive season. “We talk fashion everyday and we are still trying to breakthrough in Botswana so I am working hard and currently putting together our Christmas Collection as we speak.”

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