New Kid on the block in Hip-hop brings refreshing sound

22nd November 2017
DETERMINED: Kgotla takes his craft seriously. Source:The Midweek Sun

Kgotla Pitinyane also known as Proficient 6ix, is the new kid in Hip-Hop genre music and he promises to elevate the genre as he releases his eight-track mix tape soon. The confident 23-year old Proficient 6ix says that his mix tape, dubbed ‘Nude’; would be released on the 29th November. He told Vibe that he started rapping from the age of 10 and that the music that his elder brother always played influenced him.

“My brother played hip-hop music while I was growing up and I got along with it so well. I liked Eminem in particular and my target is to be a renowned artist just like him,” he said. The Jwaneng born and bred young artist explained that his main title track, ‘Nude’ is all about the naked truth and in this song he speaks to God.

“It is a letter that I have written to God telling him that I have dropped everything in his hands because he has promised to care for us in every way. I call it a song of glory, as I will be touring and exploring music depending on God. It is my Glory Days and I am just saying anything that is in my mind to God, hence Nude,” he said. He also said that among all other artists, Samantha Mogwe inspired him with her elegant work. Proficient 6ix says that he acknowledges the fact that Hip-hop is growing in Botswana and aims at improving it further.

“Hip-hop is beautifully growing locally but still needs to grow therefore Hip-hop lovers should just expect what has never been done in the industry,” he said. He also noted that artists like Oracle, Ammo Ski Mask and Civil Night inspired him and he believes they are a foundation of hip-hop in Botswana. He highlighted that he has featured BC group in his new mix tape. He added that his music can be downloaded on Facebook, Sound Cloud and You Tube and his user name is Proficient 6ix. He is not only an artist but also has a clothing line called Incognito through which he brands t-shirts.

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