MoTV joins forces with AFDA for unique media concept

03rd November 2017
Kutlwano Mothibi Source:The Midweek Sun

MoTV, an onboard television station that broadcasts local content on various bus lines across the country was launched this past week in Gaborone. Entertaining passengers with either music or movies is not a new scene to local bus lines; the trend was very popular in the late 90s but somehow it slowly got phased out and ultimately died within a few years.

However, the newly launched MoTV station intends to bring back the good old days of watching television throughout the journey. Speaking during the launch, the CEO of MoTV Kutlwano Mothibi revealed that they are in partnership with AFDA College in Oodi. “We use content produced by the students however they also produce some of their own,” he said.

Mothibi further said that the station was produced to make travelling easier and much more exciting to public transport passengers, saying many can now escape the torture of being surrounded by strangers for close to 10 hours or more in complete silence. They currently show music, comedy and short stories, but with time and funds permitting, they wish to broadcast a whole range of content that will cater for all audiences.

Their estimated viewership is over 150 000 passengers on a monthly basis. Said Mothibi: “Both AFDA and MoTV seek to improve the film and television industry in Botswana by providing a platform for aspiring actors, models, musicians and other visual arts aspirants with a platform to showcase their talent.” He pointed out that they are still battling with developing the local film and television industry in the country, however there is potential for growth and quality production. “Botswana is very capable of having quality film production, it is about time we stop depending on foreign entertainment and develop our own, let us utilise our skills, create employment opportunities and compete with the rest of the world,” he said.

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