Lengau wine tasting extravaganza impresses

03rd November 2017
let it mellow: Fine wine was order of the day Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

Throngs of wine lovers and socialites flocked the Grand Palm marquee for the fifth instalment of the now annual Wine tasting session courtesy of Lengau Wines. The friendly Lemo Rampa who didn’t have a moment to spare as she scurried around ensuring that the event goes on without a glitch welcomed us. Interestingly, it is always cloudy and cold on the day of the wine tasting. The organisers didn’t take anything to chance and chose the marquee.

Everyone arrived looking fresh and prepped up- it was the perfect chance to network, catch up and unwind, with a wine glass in hand. Brands on show included Strawberry Lips, Boschendal, Sun Kissed, and Rib Cage among others. In a brief interview, Lengau country director, Herman Kuhn pointed out that Batswana have an impression appreciation and understanding of wine. ”We find that the demographic most interested in wine is middle-class working Batswana women between ages 25 and 50,” he said.

The Merlot was a winner for my palate but I developed an appreciation for Shiraz. I found the Cabernet ranges a bit too bitter. I also got a better appreciation for Sauvignon Blanc and would recommend it for dinners and braais. Unlike in previous years, there were not many vintage wines, but they were all a hit. The Saint angels are popular but the St Celine was a rave delightful discovery.

An unexpected treasure was the Sun Kissed natural rose, which would be the perfect party starter. The sweet taste would endear to anyone who is not familiar with wine. But the stall that attracted the most people was Strawberry Lips. Who doesn’t like a generous serving of this liqueur? Their new product Melk Tart (it is creamy, with hints of milk, marula and cinnamon) was a hit. One thing is for sure, all those in attendance got to pick their festive wine and explore different ranges and tastes. The day went on without a glitch and after ten tastings, the mood was quite festive and edgy; think impromptu karaoke singing and random bike rides from Durban, SA based riders.

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