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03rd November 2017
ON THE ROL:RasT Source:The Midweek Sun

Francistown based live band frontman Tebobo Nkadile popularly know as Ras T in local music circles, has released a solo raga dance hall album titled Ke tlhadilwe. The song is currently enjoying massive airplay on local radio stations. Speaking to Vibe in an exclusive interview, Ras T disclosed that his solo project does not mean that has collapsed but a continuation of his love for dance hall music.

“Before I learnt how to play live music, I was a seasoned dance hall artist who only fell in love with the guitar and ended up collaborating with Maguje Gujes to form the live band which has so far won numerous awards locally. Ke tlhadilwe is a sorrowful song which will definitely console jilted lovers who have been dumped by their girlfriends,” he said. The song reveals a very touching story in which the artists is crying out loud for being dumped by a lovely Kalanga woman whom he loved so much before she dumped him for a different man.

The artists continues that what surprised him most is the fact that within a short period of time he met his former lover who was by then heavily pregnant something which pained him since their divorce was recent. As if that is not enough, the artist cry in the song that he done almost everything for the woman including opening businesses for her and many other freebies associated with love birds.

When quizzed as to whether he has been dumped, Ras T said the song is just a simple song whose aim is to deter man from committing passion killings when dumped by their lovers.“Men should learn to accept being dumped by a girl as this is a normal practice which should not compel us to kill our lovers and take our own lives. What pains most is the fact that those who do passion killings are bread winners who have responsibilities at their different families. We should men up and stop the violence on woman irrespective of our undying love for them.

Once you are dumped, accept your fate and start looking for another different women of your choice since they are many,” he said. Ras T launched his album at Dzimanyota bar on Sunday that attracted a sizeable crowd of music lovers and well-wishers.

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