Shikito donates school uniform to underprivileged children

03rd November 2017
GIVING: The young performer gives to the less fortunate Source:The Midweek Sun



The youngest Rhumba artist in Botswana, Shikito (real name Theo Chakabuya) has recently donated school uniforms to his classmates from his own account. He bought school shoes, school socks and school bags to two of his needy classmates at his new school, Ketshwerebothata Primary School in Ramotswa. His mother, Bonno Chakabuya said that Shikito has always been a compassionate child. “We have never discouraged him from his mission. He would sometimes take money from the house without asking and buy pencils for the whole class.

Therefore we have just accepted that he is a compassionate musician and we will just support him for as long as he does what’s positive,” she said. The 10-year-old Shikito is also one of the Northern Awards nominees, to be held in December in Francistown. He is also working on his second album that will also be released in December. His mission is to donate to the underprivileged from different primary schools. He has also adopted one student in his class to buy them toiletries every month. Shikito also endeavours to be part of the president’s project of building houses for the needy in our society. “I want to save some money from my performances and help others because I do not like to see others suffering,” he said.

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