ATI dominates this year’s BOMU awards as artist with most nominees

27th October 2017
NOT SO SHY: The star performs in a slart Source:The Midweek Sun



ATI has been selected as brand ambassador for Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC). It is clear that the controversial Khiring-Khorong hit maker ATI has resurrected from a four-year hiatus with a bang as he also dominates the Botswana Music Union (BOMU) list of nominees.

The hyper active artist recently left many amazed and shocked at the Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) Awards when he took to the stage and performed dressed in a skirt. In an interview, ATI explains that initially he was supposed to wear trousers but he later changed to a dress.

“My designers bought my idea of a dress for the BNSC awards but rather designed me a skirt which they believed would grasp everyone’s attention,” he says. When queried on why he chose a garment associated with women, he responds that he just wanted to be fun and look unique as he does what he knows best on stage. “I also wanted to gauge people’s reaction because we tend to be over-critical,” he says.

ATI is of the view that the album Envelope is a winner offering. To back this up, he is a nominee in six categories for the BOMU awards, which include Best Hip hop, Best Single, Best Male artist, Album of the year, Best Song of the year and Best collaboration. The Batho Bame star says that during the time he was absent because of his breakdown, most of his fans had lost confidence in him.

“I therefore refer to 2017 as the year of Envelope,” he says. He brags that his latest album is one of the best offerings in the music market this year. “I only had a set back because of financial issues and some people thought that I was down and out. But I had worked on this album ages ago,” he says. He also says that he is happy with the success he is enjoying. “Maybe it is because of the level of energy that I put towards this project.

It just feels like giving birth time.” Strangely, ATI says that should he win any award, he will donate it to the museum. Why the museum of all places? He responds: “I am all about the people and I want to emphasise and make everyone understand the importance and virtue of sticking by your word. So I selected the museum and will follow up with this plan.”

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