Skavenja drops electric Afro Pop album

27th October 2017
Skavenja Source:The Midweek Sun



The Monyopi hit maker, Kabelo Tiro, better known as Skavenja, is back with a bang. His hit song Monyopi, on which he collaborated with DJ Anthem, was a reminder to fans that he is still alive and kicking, he tells Vibe in an interview. His latest album, Morweetsana has got 18 live-recorded songs.

This offering comes after a seven-year hiatus. He says that he spent four years working on the album, and he is proud of the finished work. He insists that he has not changed but has only improved his craft. His Afro-pop music is still superior and unique in its own way. He says that he has been performing at corporate and private events such as weddings and parties.

He explains that he released Monyopi to make people sit up and listen. “I collaborated with DJ Anthem because I wanted to dash into the commercial market and remind people that I am there because my music takes a bit of time to sink into people’s minds since it is Afro- soul and that is why I am re-branding from Skavenja to Kabelo Tiro aka Skavenja,” he says.

He further says that he is into love songs with an Afro Pop sound. “I sing more about love because I realised that love is a rare thing to find in people nowadays. I am trying to remind people that love is precious.” Skavenja has been nominated in seven categories of this year’s BOMU Awards that include Song of the year, Best Afro –Pop, Best packaged album, Best male artist of the year and Best collaboration as well as best single, amongst others.

The talented dancer and singer hasbeen in the music industry since 2002. He has worked with renowned artists such Franco and T-Joint, among others. Vibe has learnt that at some point he went to South Africa to enhance his choreography, which explains his exciting dance moves.

His first album Nango Skavenja was released in 2006 and in 2010 he featured artists like Lizibo and Smah in his second album ‘Maratong’. Skavenja said he appreciates the support from Batswana. “It is amazing and I humbly request that they keep supporting me. Botswana music is growing and the locals appreciate good music.” Double Impact produced Monyopi, while Morweetsana was recorded at Nasca Productions and features Sharon, Skazo and DJ Anthem.

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