SK Seshoboloko emerges winners of Kgatleng dikhwaere challenge

04th October 2017
Song and dance: Choir giving a grand perfomance Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter


Incentives meant to motivate them to do better

Scores of revellers flocked to Segale Primary School in Mochudi this past weekend for the much awaited Thootho Cultural Festival that saw several dikhwaere groups battle it out to emerge winners of the day challenge. The weather seemed to be in their favour and everyone was in a jubilant mood as they enjoyed the enticing talent on show on the day. But picking a winner was no walk in the park as each group seemingly came prepared to give their best and emerge winners on the day. After a field day of song and dance, SK Choboloko beat True Fighters, SK Dipitse, DK Dichaoka and SK Seshoboloko to become the winners of the day.

The group walked away with a cash prize of P2, 000, a trophy, certificate signed by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Development and DVDs of the event which they will sell to make good money. The second in line was True Fighters who pocketed P1500, a certificate and DVDs, followed by SK Dipitse who went home with P1000. Other winners were Jomo Ratsatsi of SK Seshoboloko who walked away with the best entertainer award followed by Ford Lebekwe (SK Dipitse) and Cornelius Kgotlhang (True Fighters). The tshwerre/phala winners were Monica Leagakang (SK Dipitse), Mokgethi Gare (SK Seshoboloko) and Boipelo Mogotsi (True Fighters) in first, second and third place, respectively.

The chief organiser of the festival, Jautse Nkwe, told Vibe that the focus was not on the prizes but rather on the talent that each group showcased. He expressed gratitude that the group members had not argued about money but appreciated the little that they had been awarded. “Mind you they spent a lot of money on transport to arrive at the venue, food and their uniform but they did not complain that they were given too little money because they were driven by passion. I am confident that many more opportunities await them from here,” he said.

Nkwe explained that the certificate would help them engage with sponsors and the DVD would help them make money and continue to market themselves. Nkwe also thanked everyone who had supported them, including a few corporate companies, community leaders, family and friends. “It shows me that they appreciate the initiative and understand what I am trying to do,” he said. Nkwe added that the aim of this festival is traditional form of song and dance to fight crime and create a leisure day for community members to relax and unwind. It also aims to give local performers a chance to showcase their talent to music lovers from the locality and nationally.

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