Bang! Gae drops True B-dub Stories Volume 2

04th October 2017
BIG DUCE Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

The tagline ‘BaengGaelzreal!’ is familiar to most people who enjoy local music. After all the music stable Bang! Gae is home to some of the most talented artists in the urban music sphere. On Independence Day the label released the True B-dub Stories Volume 2. The three-hour long album boasts about 40 songs that resonate with most Batswana and speak of real life experiences that many can identify with.

This offering is a follow up to True B-dub Stories Volume One, launched around the same time last year. In an interview with Vibe, one of the labels lead artists, Young Black, explained that the offering is a special compilation aimed at showing off the versatility of music culture in Botswana and the scope of talent that their artists have. “We wanted to express our thoughts through six genres that include hip hop, kwaito, kwasa kwasa, soul and others.

He further noted that they had roped in other artists who are not part of their music stable such as Apollo Diablo, ATI, Chub Heightz, Priest, Louisa April and Lord Rico. He said that they all brought their unique touch to the offering, which gave it a unique sound. Young Black further said that they had engaged DJs such as Black Passor and DJ Bobzin. “We also worked with talented producers and lyricists such as Francois, Nephew, Taco, who is behind the hit song Naomi by Ban T,” he said.

He added that they had also brought on board gifted upcoming producers such as Mize and Big Duce. When quizzed on how they made money since this offering is free, Young Black noted that it is now common knowledge that artists make money through stage shows and endorsements. “We therefore want to start hosting our own shows and make money from them. We also want to seek sponsorship or endorsement deals from corporate companies. We are here, they can engage us,” he said. True B-dub Stories Volume 2 can be streamed on You Tube, Audio Mac and Sound Cloud.

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