Kefus Leo takes event MCing to another level

04th October 2017
ON A ROLL: Leo is unstoppable right now Source:The Midweek Sun

Kefilwe Leonard better known by her stage name Kefus Leo, is one of Botswana’s most vivacious MCs. The vibrant Kefus Leo has sparked off an engaging career in entertainment and seems destined for greatness. Coupled with her hot looks and humorous bubbly character, it is clear that her dreams of being one of the best event MCs in the country are not out of reach. We recently caught up with her and she said that she excels because she is passionate about what she does. “I enjoy what I do and I want to see myself grow in the industry, I want to be the greatest MC of this generation," she said. The ever-energetic Kefus Leo always steals the show with her humour and admirable top -notch dance moves.

The bright-eyed bushy tailed lass is currently a presenter for an online show called What’s The Fuzz. She also recently completed Bachelor of Arts Media Studies at the University of Botswana. She has been quite busy on the work front and this year alone she took to the stage at DJ Modrics’ birthday party, the Ten Up music concert organised by DJ Izzy, the Miss Women Empowerment beauty pageant, Colour run Molepolole.She is also a host at Chez Nicolas lounge. Kefus Leo is however the first to admit that her path has not been smooth sailing. “I have had setbacks in my career.

I sometimes find it difficult with back-to-back shows but I always make sure that I attend each and every show that I am invited to host. I am confident that I can excel through determination and hard work,” she says. So what is the secret to her success? A sneaky smile plays across her lips and she responds that passion drives her. “The amount of energy that I have comes from my love for what I do. I would do shows every day if I could. I always make sure that I reverberate and double my energy from the last show because I know that someone out there will always notice."

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