USA based record label exports local talent

04th October 2017
GREENER PASTURES: Fresher wants to unearth local talent Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

USA-based Goal Marks Entertainment Record label, owned by a Motswana named Marothodi Fresher Seosenyeng, has signed three local artists with the aim to help them break into the global music market. Seosenyeng, who traded as Sekwata in the local music industry, will be remembered for his AIDS awareness theme song Sekwata tota, whilst still a lance corporal at Botswana Defence Force (BDF), a song which went on to be played on local radio stations and earned him some Kudus at the BDF as he received numerous certificates for his efforts.

In a telephonic interview with VIBE, Seosenyeng explained that he married an American woman in 2014 and subsequently decided to attain American citizenship. He later resigned from the BDF and jetted abroad to start a new life. Upon settling down in the USA, Seosenyeng then established Goal Max Entertainment, with the sole aim of exporting local music. “Local music is very marketable abroad. People there appreciate our music,” he said. He first signed traditional music artist Kgokgonono, whose first album is already complete and is to be launched soon.

He also signed up Kalahari, Villa Motswako and Latino, whose music sound is more urban. “Kalahari’s single Morning kiss is also due for release whereas Latino’s album is also finished. As we speak, the only artist who is still in the studio is Villa Motswako and I hope within a short period of time, his album will be out. Although I have known other Borankana artist sof repute, I decided to go for Kgokgonono as he is in a league of his own since he is a dikoma master who can also mix it with ordinary styles of borankana,” he said. Seosenyeng also said that the soon to be released album, produced by one of Botswana’s best producers Bullet Ketshabile, would be the best traditional music offering. Seosenyeng added that music in the USA is a billion dollar worth industry, and he would take advantage of this to unearth local talent and help catapult it to greater heights.

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