Edison drops Kasi la me

04th October 2017
Kasi magic: Edison has recently released new offering Source:the Midweek Sun

Edison Matthews says his first official single, ‘Kasi lame’ is dedicated to everyone and inspires them to appreciate their roots as well as the people who have helped them in life. “Kasi lame basically talks about where one is from and it could be a major song to one’s hometown, their mother, siblings or just anything that one is passionate about,” he noted in an interview.

Matthews featured two artists in the song, Motlha Mompe who was a contestant in the singing talent show My Star 2015 and Stiesky. The song was recorded a few weeks ago at True African Studios in Mogoditshane-Ledumadumane. Matthews says that he has been an underground rapper but now is out for good to give the locals his best beats. “Music has always been part of me because I would say it runs in the family.

So since 2005 I have always expressed myself in music through writing and recording some songs which were not officially launched.” He is confident that he has now approached the beginning of his passion through Kasi lame because a lot of people already can't get enough of it. Many people keep asking for it and viewing it on his Facebook page.” He says that he received assistance from his mentors in the USA, adding that he has been working with guys from the USA Kyle Blitz from Circle of Bosses (C.OB) and Soul Clap (USA).

He says that his collaboration with Luz Kt opened doors of opportunities for him to work with people from the USA. “I am so glad that people now recognise our new work through our group Phantom Alter Egos. He says that his last year’s single track, ‘Till I rest’ which he featured LuzKat also played an impact in his music life as people appreciated it.” Matthews also had an opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Dr Malinga, Heavy K and others. His rap style is revered for complex and tongue twisting multisyllabic rhyme. He says that he wants to take rap in Botswana to another level.

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