Students mesmirise parents with Ballet world premiere, fairies in black and white John Mackenzie school

27th September 2017
IN FULL SWING: JMS students twirl and skip their hearts out Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Parents and students at John Mackenzie School in Francistown were treated to a night of Ballet premier dubbed Fairies in Black and White as it presents its first ever full length, female powered story ballet, an original story written and choreographed by Kaylynn Bryant. Performed by 44 talented rising stars of ballet and dance from John Mackenzie School, the stunning original hour long production brought to life the near-unknown vibrant treasure of ballet to Francistown.

Embracing the old classical and popular themes of ballet, fused with vibrant modern contemporary dance and experimental elements of Tai-Chi, it tells the story of a young fairy caught between two feuding queens in a brilliant depiction of sibling rivalry. “Fairies in Black and White” was presented at the John Mackenzie School Hall in two performances on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 September 2017.

A ballet in two parts, Fairies in Black and White opens with a kingdom torn between two rival sibling queens. The good queen who rules with grace, nurturing her young fairies and loving what was right and the other, is a dark selfish and uncaring queen using her fairies for darker deeds jealously plotting broodily for her sister’s downfall.

Filled with rage the dark queen connives a way for her dark fairies to capture the youngest and most innocent fairy from the good queen. As part two opens, the youngest fairy has been captured and the dark queen is struggling to train her to use her powers for darkness. Upon realising that her youngest fairy has been captured the heart broken good queen summons her good fairies to attempt a daring rescue mission. Upon arrival in the dark kingdom a brutal battle ensues between the good and dark fairies with the innocent little fairy being accidentally fatality wounded.

The enraged queens bout into a stalemate and recognise that a united kingdom with peace is more beneficial, concluding with both queens coming together they raise the little fairy back to life uniting the dark and good kingdoms to live together in eternal peace. The script of the play was written by Kaylynn Bryant and her assistant choreographer Mpho Keitumetse and Raphael Ngoma, whilst the lighting and sound engineer was by Sean Bryant. Key characters in the play include the Dark Queen who was portrayed by Reatile Lekgetho, Good Queen by Dimpho Baruti, whereas the little fairy was portrayed by Nicole Madanha.

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