14th September 2017
THE COLOR PURPLE Source:The Midweek Sun


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In a series of letters to God, the protagonist in the book, Celie narrates her upbringing, her rape, being married off to an older man who abuses her, being separated from her sister Nettie and her troubled life. In later years, she writes letters to Nettie after they connect. The letters take on a heart wrenching, touching, and sometimes amusing and comical note.

Both leave no stones unturned in sharing the nitty gritty of their lives as well as their fears, hopes, dreams and joys. Celie is a feeble woman who accepts what life throws her way but her life is transformed after her encounter with Shug, who was once her husband’s lover. The two take off on bad ground but over time become good friends, and Shug helps Celie break out of her shell, stand up for herself and be the best woman she can be.

Each character in the book has panache and leaves a lasting memory. The book was written ages ago, but the underlying messages of love, hope and resilience still resonate. Walker, a renowned feminist, gave her all in this book. It is an intricate mosaic of women joined by their love for each other, the men who abuse them and the children that they so love. The writing may be a bit difficult to read for someone who is not adverse in American slang, but once you catch on, it is quite a bewitching read that will leave you turning page after page with fascination.

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