Herb wine summertime cocktail

14th September 2017
Herb wine cocktail Source:The Midweek Sun

Now that summer is here, all plan busy weekends out with family, friends or that special someone for a hangout. We grab those nibbles, finger foods or barbeques not forgetting every meal or gathering has to be complemented with a beverage depending on the occasion. Summer favours us because so many exotic fruits are in season, so we are spoilt for choice. Play around with those ingredients in the kitchen, pick fruits and vegetables that you are not familiar with, mix them with a little bit of this and you will be amazed with the results, provided you are not breaking my number one food knowledge rule and obviously you don’t want to turn the kitchen into Dexter’s Laboratory. Khi!!!

INGREDIENTS *5OOml orange juice

*100g white sugar

*100g brown sugar *2 sticks cinnamon

*8 whole cloves *6 whole all spice

*1 crushed nutmeg

*2x750ml bottles Rose wine

*Rind of ½ orange *Rind of ½ lemon

*6 canned peach slices *60ml brandy



Mix orange juice with sugars in a deep large container.

Microwave on 100% for three minutes then stir to dissolve sugar.

Add cinnamon, cloves, all spice, nutmeg, wine, orange and lemon rind and peach slices.

Cover and microwave for six minutes and then reduce the power to 50% and microwave for 20-25 minutes and chill.

Just before serving, add brandy and garnish with orange and lemon slices. Serves 8- 10



Ditch the fizzy drinks and go for alcohol free tipples with an adult flavor.

Angostura bitters add a grown up tastes to mixers because it contain that minute amount of alcohol like vanilla extract because of the distilling process. You add such a small amount that the alcohol content is negligible. They work brilliantly with tonic water and fresh lime and sparkling mineral water too.

Food Radio cocktail mixers have done all the work, you just need to add the alcohol, whether you fancy pina colada, strawberry daiquiri or a mojito. Happy days of sunshine in the garden call for a long refreshing drinks.

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